Frequently Asked Questions

1: What size tent do I need?

The size tent you need is based on a variety of things including;

  • How many guests are you expecting?
  • Will the guests be seated at tables?
  • Will you be serving food under the tent?
  • Do you need room for a dance floor, bar(s), stage, or anything else besides tables/seating?

Use our Party Planner to help find out the size tent you need!

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2: Will the tent I need fit in the area I want it setup in?

Don't assume a tent will fit in the area you want.
If we show up to setup a tent, and it won't fit. . . you will be charged accordingly.

  • Smaller Pole Tents require 8' more space than the size tent.
    Example: 20' x 30' Pole Tent requires 28' x 38' open grassy area with no trees, bushes, or anything obstructing the setup area.
  • Larger Pole Tents require 10' (or more) space than the size tent.
    Example: 40' x 80' Pole Tent requires 50' x 90' open grassy area with no trees, bushes, or anything obstructing the setup area.
  • Frame Tents can fit in areas closer to their size. Pictures can be emailed to help us understand the area of setup. If the size or ability to setup a tent cannot be determined over the phone or email, and an in-person estimate may be required.
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3: Who sets up the tables and chairs?

The easy answer is "You do".

We deliver your tables and chairs and leave them neatly stacked or leaned under the tent or in another dry location ie: garage, covered porch, or shed.

For an extra fee, we can setup the tables and/or chairs for you. Setup of tables and/or chairs must be arranged prior to delivery.

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4: Is delivery included in the cost of the rental?

No. The delivery charge is considered a "Destination Fee" and determined based on travel distance. This is not a hidden fee, but rather a variable charge that cannot be included in online quotes until the address is included.

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5: Do you travel to {enter your far away town here}?

Yes. We travel anywhere and everywhere. The difference is in our Destination Fee. It's often not viable for us to travel long distances for smaller events. Our Destination Fee usually makes our price for smaller tents not as competitive. However, for large events the travel fee becomes insignificant and our quality and prices make us an easy choice.

Don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your party in the town of Far Far Away.

6: What is the difference between A, B & C Grade Chairs?

Our A, B and C grade chairs are basically the exact same chair - structurally. All of these chairs are white metal frames with white plastic seat and back rest. They are priced according to their wear and appearance.

  • A chairs are never allowed outside, so the feet and legs are as close to new as we can keep them.
  • B chairs are rented outside and have seen a few years of use, but are generally more well kept.
  • C chairs have seen many years of use and are noticeably faded to an off-white/ivory color with some scratches and wear on the frame/legs.
  • Padded chairs are completely different than the other 3. They are white vinyl (plastic) with a white leather type material for the seat and back. They are allowed outside, but cleanliness and care during use is stressed to our employees and all renters.
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